Samsung Firmwares

Welcome to our Samsung firmware page! Here, you will find a number of pre-patched firmwares for download. Please note that because Samsung is a large OEM manufacturer, there are many Samsung-made drives out there that do not carry the Samsung label. We'll try to provide patched firmware for these drives also, on this page.

Please note:
The firmwares for the S182D and S182M have been tested successfully. All other firmwares are experimental. Use at your own risk!

For more patches, see the Samsung Patch Utility here to create patched firmware for your drive and firmware version.

Official Update Utility

• Download: Version 3.25.4 (supports the -nocheck option)
• Download: Version 3.27.11 (supports the -NOCHECK option)
• Download: Version 1.00.b.4 (supports the -nocheck option)

DVD±RW Drives (Half-Height/Desktop)

DVD±RW Drives (Slimtype/Laptop)

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