Please read the enclosed documentation before using anything that you download from this page!

Flash Utility for LiteOn Based Optical Drives
Simple reading and writing of the Flash using Windows.
• Download: Version 6.0.1
• More Info: Flash Utility forum thread at CD Freaks (read this first)
EEPROM Utility for LiteOn/Sony/BenQ Drives
Simple save and restore of the EEPROM, plus resetting of the learnt media calibration data, 401S/411S@811S crossflashing, checksum repair and model upgrade.
• Download: Version 6.2.0
Settings Utility for LiteOn Drives
Allows the setting of drive options, the clearing of OPC history, bitsetting and region setting, with the minimum number of mouse clicks.
• Download: Version 1.2.1
XFlash Utility for LiteOn/Sony Optical Drives
Extracts raw firmwares (.BIN format) from unscrambled LiteOn Windows firmware flashers.
• Download: Version 3.2.4
SmartBurn (LiteOn Enhanced Version Know as the Test Version)
Allows the OHT/SmartWrite function to be enabled. This is not available in the version hosted by LiteOn.
• Download: DOS Version 3.2.0
LtnRPC (by the author of KProbe2)
Makes any LiteOn-based drive region-free; can reset region changes, too.
• Download: Version 1.0.0 (hosted by
XSF (Extended Serial Flash for DOS)
MTKFlash type tool. Allows flashing of all drives with a serial flash like the 16P9S, 5S, 6S models and later.
• Download: DOS Version 1.53
NOTE: Don't use the /FULL and /OFF commands, as they will damage your drive
IDE Location Changer for Slimtype Drives (provided by LiteOn tech support)
Changes the master/slave setting for jumperless LiteOn laptop drives.
• Download: DOS version
• Download: Windows version
• Download: Special Windows version for the SLW-831S (18 Aug 2006)
• Download: Special Windows version for the SOSW-852S (hosted by
NOTE: For all models see the EEPROM Utilities Slim tab.

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